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Universal Processing Showcases uServe's Innovative Features at MWAA 2023

Universal Processing once again took center stage at the Midwest Acquirers Association trade show, by being one of the Harvest Moon level sponsors this year! We showcased our latest innovations in the world of secure and seamless payment solutions. With an unwavering commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes, Universal Processing unveiled enticing features that promise to redefine the way merchants accept payments and engage with their customers.

The Midwest Acquirers Association, held in Schaumberg, IL from July 19th to 20th, is an exceptional platform to show our innovative technologies and cement its position as the go-to partner for businesses seeking modern, reliable, intuitive, user-friendly payment processing solutions.

At booth #HM08, our team, comprised of Saint Hung (CEO), Nana Huo (CFO), Hao Yuan (VP of Business Development), Bufan Yang (COO), and Aris Gao (Product Manager), gathered to demonstrate our innovative uServe POS system. This state-of-the-art solution, tailored to both the retail and restaurant sectors, was presented through hands-on demonstrations to convey its multifaceted capabilities.

Key highlights

Next-Gen Contactless Payments

Universal Processing demonstrated its state-of-the-art contactless payment technology, enabling customers to make quick and secure transactions with a tap of their card or mobile device. With this feature, merchants can now offer a seamless checkout experience, reducing wait time, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

uServe for Restaurants

Universal Processing showcased uServe tailored to the restaurant industry. The new features include automatically rerouting tickets to improve efficiency, tableside ordering, and a fully integrated kitchen display system, empowering restaurant owners to streamline their operations and deliver top-notch dining experiences.

uServe for Retail

Universal Processing demonstrated uServe for retail. It has a powerful integration function to meet the needs of modern retailers. It allows businesses to keep track of their inventory and stock in real time. Comprehensive inventory reporting lets you know when to order what and how much. Do not miss a sale again. It has a hand-held inventory module, making it easy to log inventory counts, receive or initiate stock transfer and more. uServe makes inventory-keeping a science!

Enhanced Ecommerce Solutions

Universal Processing revealed an array of upgrades to its e-commerce platform, making it easier than ever for businesses to set up and manage online stores. From powerful integration capabilities to comprehensive performance reporting, merchants can now expand their digital footprint effortlessly.

Sophisticated Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing

Universal Processing proudly introduced dual pricing credit card processing to help small businesses, or any business with tight profit margin to save on operating expenses when customers pay with debit card and cash.

Strategic Partnership with Clover

​​In line with its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving innovation, Universal Processing kept nurturing strategic partnerships with prominent players in the fintech industry, such as Clover. These partnerships are poised to enhance Universal Processing's ecosystem and bring more value to its customers.

Our upcoming destination is Western States Acquirers Association trade show. It will be held from November 1-2, 2023, at la costa Resort in California. Meanwhile, please visit: to learn the ins and outs of our next-gen payment processing solution.


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