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Donating PPE to New York City's Health Care Providers to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19
March 2020

We're excited to announce that we have expanded on our mask donation initiative. As of today, we have sourced and distributed over 14,000 N95 masks for New York City’s frontline health care workers and first responders. Unfortunately, the ongoing controversy with deregulation internationally certified masks delayed the delivery of the masks we had sourced. Our initial efforts helped clear an initial  batch of 1,000 masks on March 31st. With new cases of Coronavirus inundating hospitals, our CEO, Saint Hung and COO, Bufan Yang personally delivered the masks to two hospitals that we learned were in desperate need of masks - Bellevue Hospital Center and the Elmhurst Hospital Center. By April 14th, we had received the remaining 12,000 masks previously held at customs. With masks finally in hand, Saint, Bufan, and Universal Processing partner Johnny Yau geared up to deliver the masks to other hospitals in need. In the following days, we delivered 3,000 Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, 2,000 masks to the Clara Maas Medical Center in New Jersey, 1,000 Masks to the NYPD 5th Precinct in Chinatown, and 1,000 masks to the New York Community Hospital in Brooklyn. More masks were brought to private local clinics such as Friends of Charles B. Wang Community Health Center also shipped to those in need around the country such as A Smile Pediatric Dentistry in Plano, Texas among many others.

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Small Business Relief Program

Providing Aid, Resources and Assistance to Small Businesses Impacted By COVID-19
March 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our day to day lives and small businesses are perhaps among the most impacted. We wanted to be sure that we stayed true to our founding mission and stand the small businesses. From fear-induced slowdowns, to mandatory closures, the majority of our clients have experienced a tremendous strain on their businesses. To assist them, we've rolled out a series of free services and resources designed to help business orders start providing online ordering  so that they can continue to maintain their business. In addition, we've prepared resources to help educate business owners about how they can access the loan and grant programs made available through State, Federal, and Business stimulus and relief programs.


Stay Strong, Wuhan!

Donation Campaign to Benefit International Charities Fighting the Spread of Coronavirus
February 2020

Both as a company and with respect to our clients, the crisis in China left a deep impression, even at its earliest stages. To help do our part, we partnered with Quantum Electronic Payments and committed to making donations on behalf of all new clients signed through February. By the end of the campaign, we contributed a total of $10,800 to Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, and Give2Asia to help combat the spread of Coronavirus in China. As the virus spread and the crisis reached an international scale, state and federal mandates lead to the closure of many small businesses. With many of the clients we serve heavily impacted and the most critical areas in China largely stabilized, we made the decision to bring the campaign to an early close and transition to dedicating our attention and resources towards helping those most in need here at home. The campaign officially came to a close on March 5th, 2020.

Koala Bear

Australian Bushfire Relief Campaign

UP's Donation Matching Program to Support Humanitarian and Conversational Efforts in Australia
January 2020

Many of our team members call Australia home. Our hearts went out to those affected by the bushfires devastating Australia. To support the fight against the bushfires in Australia, we matched donations from local businesses, dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,500 USD. Donations were distributed to three major programs -The Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service and the RSPCA Australia.