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Point of Sale Systems
uServe POS

It's finally here! Available on PC, IOS, and Android, uServe provides the most powerful tools you would find in the leading POS systems at an unprecedentedly low price.

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How POS Benefits You

With POS, you can improve the efficiency and experience of customer interaction while also simplifying management. Integrated tools help automate and solve the most frustrating challenges of running a business. Plus, our team of experts will help you get started with installation and on-boarding assistance to make sure that you and your staff know how to make the most out of your powerful new POS system.

EMV and NFC 

On-board and train

24/7 multilingual support​

  • Split & combine bills with ease

  • Easily manage complex modifiers and menu groups

  • Flexible kitchen and bar printing

  • Caller ID and geographical tracking for easy delivery management

  • Built-in online ordering module

  • Built-in gift card and loyalty management software


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  • Robust and intuitive inventory management system

  • Wide selection of reporting types

  • Bulk manage your items

  • Compatibility with various accessory brands

  • Timesheet tracking and payroll management 

  • Built-in gift card management software

Clothing Store


Hair Salon


  • Customer database and appointment management functionality

  • Timesheet tracking

  • Commission management

  • Service and products management

  • Comprehensive reporting system 

  • Full EMV & NFC support 

POS Solutions

We carry a variety of POS systems from our own in-house uServe POS solution to the top-of-the-line Clover   Station and everything in between.


Clover  Products


Clover   offers the best POS systems on the market. With a sleek system, advanced user interface, and fully integrated EMV card readers and receipt printing functionality, Clover   offers a business-ready POS system. The Clover   family of products features a variety of systems that can be seamlessly paired and integrated to offer the optimal utility for your business. 




Clover Suite Family of Products Transparent Cutout Universal Processing POS Systems
Clover Station With Receipt Printer Transparent Cutout Universal Processing POS Systems


The Station is Clover's most powerful and features dense POS solution. It preloaded with full functionality so you're ready to build inventory, take orders, manage staff, and run reports, right out of the box. The station comes fully business ready with an included full-sized cash drawer and receipt printer.

Clover Mini Transparent Cutout Universal Processing POS Systems


The Clover Mini is a compact POS machine for smaller storefronts where countertop real estate can be in short supply. Though not quite as powerful as its full-sized counterpart, the Mini has impressive features with add-ons available to help it scale alongside your business.

Clover Flex  Transparent Cutout Universal Processing POS Systems


Flex is a wireless smart terminal capable of accepting any form of payment, with the added functionality and design you expect from Clover. The flex features a high resolution 5” touch screen, WiFi and LTE connectivity, a built-in receipt printer, and a built-in camera/barcode scanner. 

Already using a different POS system? We support and carry all kinds of POS systems. Chances are, our expert technical support team can help you use your existing POS system, no matter what software you are running.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Speak with a merchant consultant about which POS system can best help your business grow. Our 24/7 support team can help you with the setup, integration, and getting the most out of your new POS system.

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