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The Southeast Acquirers Association: Unveiling New Tech

Immersing ourselves in the vibrant world of financial technology, Universal Processing recently embarked on a remarkable journey to the South Eastern Acquirers Association (SEAA) trade show in Atlanta. Every year, the SEAA trade show acts as a captivating rendezvous, uniting payment processors, banks, merchants, and numerous professionals from the payment industry. This spectacular event serves as an unparalleled platform for forging connections, delving into cutting-edge payment technologies and trends, and exchanging knowledge and expertise among industry peers.

Our team assembled at booth #HM08 to exhibit the uServe POS system, a comprehensive tool designed for both retail and restaurant industries. The team consisted of: Nana Huo, CFO; Hao Yuan, Vice President of Business Development; Zalak Patel, Director of Business Development; Aris Gao, Product Manager; and Araya Zhang, Partner Relations Manager. Together, they provided interactive demonstrations of the uServe system.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from enthusiastic attendees and the wealth of potential partnerships and client opportunities left us exhilarated. Engaging in conversations with merchants, banks, and payment processors, we were blown away by the depth of expertise and knowledge brought forth by attendees.

Without a doubt, our participation in the SEAA trade show proved to be an enriching expedition for our team. Armed with valuable insights into the ever-evolving payment industry and with newly forged connections, we are confident in our company's ability to thrive and prosper in the years to come.

To delve deeper into the wonders of uServe, we invite you to join us for captivating in-person demonstrations at trade shows across the nation. Our upcoming destination is the MidWest Acquirers Association trade show in Illinois, taking place from July 19th and 20th. Alternatively, you can explore the intricacies of uServe online by visiting our website at

Should you wish to reach out to us, we are only a message away. Contact us at or dial (888) 885-8840 to connect with our team of experts.


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