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About CNPP

In the wake of Covid-19, small businesses across the country suffered. Especially vulnerable were those owned by racial minorities, LGBTQ+, women, veterans, people with disabilities, and those from rural communities and communities of color. The CNPP is an American Rescue Plan initiative created by the U.S. Small Business Administration to reduce barriers that all small businesses owners experience in the post pandemic world. Through Hubs and Spokes across the country, the CNPP is providing free resources to any and all eligible businesses. 

Free Resources
For Your Small Business 

Universal Processing is Your Local Community Navigator

The Universal Processing (UP) stepped in the game of helping small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic when the community and people needed our UP family the most. Through the Small Business Relief Program the UP family helped variety of small business owners survive during the pandemic. As a result UP was chosen as a National Spoke and local Community Navigator for underserved. 

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Empowering Business Success With CNPP

We Are Here For You

It’s our job to bring awareness about services and assistance under the Community Navigator Pilot Program, connect small business owners with capital for key business improvements and recovery, and to provide businesses with professional counseling to enhance their infrastructure and performance.

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