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The All-in-One Restaurant POS

Manage your restaurant in one system: from quick service shops to full-service dining.
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Flexible Ordering

Save on labor by giving customers flexible ordering options like self-serve kiosks and table-side QR codes

Track Key Insights

Use analytics to track to track key insights like your most popular dishes and busiest hours so you can increase sales

Custom Visual Cues

Customize your POS with visual cues like pictures of dishes for effortless navigation and faster employee training

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Ready for Quick Service Or Full Service Dine In

No matter the size of your business, uServe is tailored to serve you. From quick service joints like bakeries and boba shops to full service restaurants, uServe has you covered. Discover the entire suite of uServe systems and see how your business can be improved with services like kiosks for quick service ordering, QR codes for table service, and mobile ordering for all.

QR Code

Go Contactless With QR Code Integration

  • Save on labor by providing QR codes on each table for mobile ordering and interactive menus

  • Avoid order mishaps by automatically designating QR codes to table numbers 

  • Reduce wait times by letting customers view digital menus and remotely order as soon as they’re ready


Let Customers Take Ordering Into Their Own Hands

  • Save on labor and time by letting customers send their orders directly to the kitchen

  • Give customers a fast and easy experience with visual cues and dish descriptions

  • Available in a range of sizes to seamlessly integrate into your space

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Online Ordering
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Multiply Sales With Online Ordering

  • A searchable platform that allows online ordering as well as customer reviews 

  • Accept direct payments for online orders without the fees expected from third-party apps

  • Enjoy free website setup and hosting

Find Out More About How uServe Can Serve You

Get paired with a member of our team and start designing your perfect POS

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