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Strong Leaders Lead by Example: How Universal Processing’s CEO Stepped up During the Pandemic

In times of crisis, true leaders emerge, and Saint Hung, the CEO of Universal Processing, is no exception. During the pandemic, Saint Hung demonstrated his leadership skills by going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of his staff and community. In the first episode of his podcast, "Navigating Business with Saint Hung," he shares how UP pivoted to help those in need.

Instead of focusing on quotas, sales, and production, Saint Hung decided to conduct wellness checks on all of his existing businesses to make sure everyone was okay. He realized that sourcing as many masks as possible was a crucial first step in keeping his community safe. He sourced 15,000 masks from China and distributed them to healthcare workers and essential businesses.

Saint Hung and his team went to hospitals, clinics, and dentists in the tri-state area to distribute masks. They went to Elmhurst Hospital, which was the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, and transported masks to Bronx Jacobi Medical Center. They also went to the streets of Chinatown to distribute masks to local clinics.

In addition to healthcare workers, Saint Hung reached out to essential businesses to offer support. He sent emails to let them know that if they were running an essential business and needed masks for their employees, he would send them. Out of the 15,000 masks, only 500 were saved for his staff to operate the essential business before the official reopening of New York.

Saint Hung's actions during the pandemic demonstrate his commitment to his community and his leadership skills. He recognized the importance of putting the needs of his community first and went above and beyond to ensure their safety. His willingness to pivot and adapt to the changing circumstances is a testament to his ability to lead in challenging times.

Want to hear the rest of Saint’s story? Check out Saint’s journey as well as those of other successful Asian American entrepreneurs on the podcast, ‘Navigating Business with Saint Hung.’

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