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Providing Free Resources and Assistance for Small Businesses

Financial Management Training
Access essential training related to financial literacy, credit improvement, and fiscal capacity through one of our many free webinars and workshops hosted by industry experts.
 Loan and Grants  Assistance
Sign up to get notified about loans and grants available to small businesses within the CNPP program. We’ll help you overcome any language or technical barriers in the application process.
Small Business Consulting and Support Services
Get 1-on-1 business consultations to assess how restaurant optimization, technology, marketing and payment processing systems can increase your revenue. We can also connect you with professional services like legal counseling, HR & labor law counseling, accounting, business taxation, and more.
Upcoming Training & Workshops

Free Workshops!

CNPP February Webinar 1.10.23 2_2160x1080.png
English Session

Feb 21

5 PM - 6 PM PT  
7 PM - 8 PM CT
8 PM - 9 PM ET

Chinese Session

Feb  22

1 PM - 2 PM PT  
3 PM - 5 PM CT
4 PM - 5 PM ET

Protect your Business Against Risks. Businesses are constantly being faced with risks. Tech difficulties, shipping delays, staff shortages - risk is always around the corner. But an unfortunate incident doesn’t have to mean a ruined day, and it certainly doesn’t mean your business will fall apart. Having risk management procedures in place can not only help you prevent risks, but also help you deal with them when the time comes. Join us on February 21st or 22nd for a free webinar on risk management. We’ll help you understand the many types of risks that your business faces and effective ways to safeguard against them. We’ll provide you with official FDIC/SBA course materials, sessions in English and Chinese, and industry experts to hear your questions and provide advice. Sign up today and protect your business! Learning Objectives Understand the difference between internal and external risks Learn the common risks that are most likely to affect your business Evaluate risks by measuring their importance and impact on your business Safeguard your business by implementing preventative measures Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with latest CNPP resources: @universalprocessing Contact us today for a free financial consultation! (212) 835-2485 / /

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Active  Grants & Loans

No active grants or loans are available at this time.

Active Loan & Grants

Navigating Business Podcast 

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We're honored to partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration and the USPAACC as a local Community Navigator. The mission of the program aligns with our own; supporting and serving underserved.

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