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Our Local Support Team Is Here 24/7 No robots. No phone trees. Just real help from real people.

We know that customer support is key

Once you become a Universal Processing client, you become a part of our large family, and we will do anything and everything possible to help you and your business achieve success.

We know that customer support is key to creating thriving businesses, and this is why we offer clients a dedicated 24 hours daily support, night and day, weekday or weekend.

To give your business the needed leverage for it to excel, our support team works round the clock and can be reached by:

  • Phone calls
  • E-mail
  • Online live chat
  • Social media.

One advantage you will enjoy when you do business with Universal Processing is that our support team is multi-lingual and is therefore able to reach a wider audience than our contemporaries can.

What more, members of the support team count it a real privilege to serve you and proffer appropriate solutions to your challenges.

Our number one priority

At Universal Processing, you are our number one priority because we are aware that we are in business because you are in business.

That is why we will never redirect your calls to robots or phone trees. When you contact us for support and help, you can be rest assured that you will be attended to by real people.

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60 West 38th St, Floor 2, New York, NY 10018
39-15 Main St, Suite 207, Flushing, NY, 11354
411 E Huntington Dr, Suite 307, Arcadia, Ca, 91006
7001 Corporate Dr, Ste 227, Houston, Tx 77036


Client Support 212.779.3777


Terminal Instructions

PAX S80 Pin Pad Connection Instruction (English)
PAX S80 Terminal Instruction (English)
VX520 Pin Pad Connection Instruction (English)
VX520 Terminal Instruction (English)
PAX S80 操作指南 -取消一筆消費 (繁體中文)
PAX S80 操作指南 - 退款 (繁體中文)
PAX S80 操作指南 -結賬 (繁體中文)
PAX S80 操作指南 - 加小費 (繁體中文)
PAX S80 操作指南 - 刷卡 (繁体中文)
PAX S80 操作指南 - 安裝 (繁體中文)
PAX S80 Pin Pad 连接 操作指南 (简体中文)
PAX S80 Pin Pad 刷卡機 連接 操作指南 (繁體中文)
VX520 刷卡机 操作指南 - 取消一筆消費(繁体中文)
VX520 刷卡机操作指南 - 退款(繁体中文)
VX520 刷卡机操作指南 -結賬(繁体中文)
VX520 刷卡机操作指南 - 刷卡(繁体中文)

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