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POS System

POS System

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POS System

There is no doubt that POS help businesses to grow. We know that they are convenient for payment solutions and offer powerful functions that help merchants run their businesses much more seamlessly.

That’s why Universal Processing offers an integrated POS system for the use of our clients. We offer a variety of POS solutions to better serve our restaurant owners, retailers, salon owners, spas and other businesses.

The system we offer is reliable, powerful and has all the needed features to run your business effectively. It is not just simply a payment system, but a complete productivity system designed especially for forward-thinking merchants.

Going the POS route

There are immense benefits to taking your business the POS route. First, this is a cloud-based system that allows you to control your business anytime, anywhere.

Other great reasons you should choose our POS system:

  • It has a very easy setup for quick employee training
  • A great offline mode. This means you can process payments even when the internet is down
  • An on-screen signature capture and marketing opt-in check box
  • The ability to email, text, or print receipts. You may also resend and reprint as needed
  • A great employee clock-in/clock-out and manager overrides
  • Merchant’s ability to issue refunds and manage details of historic orders
  • An easy batch-out and closing at end of day, and
  • Menu changes sync across all devices in real time

Our invaluable software

Our web dashboard and reporting capabilities make it easy for merchants to analyze how well their business is doing and gives them a summarized glimpse of the overall health of the business.

Merchants can view and summarize payments by tender, card type, and cash reports. They can also view and summarize items by category, quantity, discount and revenue modifiers.

Merchants can also export data such as employee timecards and metrics, transaction reports, and our software helps with inventory management, and helps to customize discounts and tender types.

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