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Online Stores

Online Stores

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Online Stores

Because we live in an increasingly cashless-world, we at Universal Processing know that receiving online payments is one of the best business decisions that can be made. We have therefore worked with the most secure and advanced online payment gateway that allows clients take online payments on their website, and grow their business size and profits in the process.

Benefit of opening an online store

An online store, and one that accepts online payment, has countless benefits, especially when businesses use the online store to sell products alongside their conventional business. Using the Universal Processing online payment getaway will ensure:

  • Reduced overheads because online stores cost less to set up and run than physical shops;
  • Lower marketing costs with better targeting;
  • An expanded geographical reach so that your business is not just a local business anymore but a national/international one;
  • All-time availability because with automated order and payment processing, you can make sales at any time;
  • A broader potential customer base;
  • An improved customer profiling, with the opportunity to target products and services at specific groups based on buying data; and
  • An increased visibility for your business.

Your business stands to gain immensely from using Universal Processing’s online payment gateway. We use a payments expert that had been an industry leader since 1996, and currently has one of the longest excellent track records in the industry. And we do go the extra mile to ensure that your:

  • Customers’ data is secure. We protect sensitive customer information using only the highest levels of encryption and security protocols available.
  • Business is protected against fraud. We know that fraud costs merchants billions of dollars each year, and offer a variety of features to help identify and percent fraud and thus protect your business.

We have thought of everything to make your online business even more successful than your physical store is.

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