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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

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Loyalty Program

We are always looking for ways to reward customer loyalty, and we are sure you are too. We work with a loyalty program provider to makes available a program that works alongside and/or integrates with your point-of-sale, and is guaranteed to bring your customers back again and again.
If you subscribe to this loyalty program, your customers can easily sign up and check in with their mobile phone numbers. The advantage to this is that when they are able to sign themselves up, your business collects more accurate customer information without slowing down your line.

Other great advantages

  • Automatic marketing and business promotion: We have created an app with our provider that is able to send automated text messages and email campaigns to your customers. This includes incentives to bring back lost customers, retain current ones and offer special rewards on birthdays.
  • Control: We give you free control over your rewards and promotion content, and you can change your promotion offers at any time.
  • More customer visits: Analysis has shown that businesses that use the loyalty program see customers returning after their first visit.
  • Increased spend per visit: The spend-based rewards can get customers spending more every time they visit your business.

Our loyalty program offers you an avenue to deploy smart marketing at little or no extra cost.

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