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Gift Cards

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Gift Cards

Why don’t you give your customers an incentive to remain loyal to your business?

Universal Processing enables it merchants to customize and issue their store gift cards. Customers can then purchase those pre-paid gift cards for future their use or as a gift for others.

We carry both plastic gift cards and e-gift cards, and will issue either or both on your behalf based on your requirements.

Plastic gift cards: Offering a plastic gift card gives your customers an easy choice when they need a gift and guarantees that those who receive your gift card will patronize your business and become potential repeat customers.

E-gift cards: Our e-gift cards work just like regular, except that a digital card with a code is e-mailed to the recipient. In this case, a copy of the e-Gift Card is sent to the purchaser as confirmation that the email was sent. E-gift cards can be used online or in the physical store.


Retain your existing customers: Rewards keep your best customers returning

Expand your customer base: Using a gift card program will increase sales and expand your customer base through the introduction of new customers

Increased market share: As gift cards become more and more popular, a gift card is a great way for your business to compete against bigger brands and get an increased share of the market.

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