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Digital Marketing

Welcome to Universal Processing, where our overriding aim is to simplify digital marketing for our clients. We know that clients do not always have the time and energy to manage and administer the online presence of their stores, and Universal Processing is determined to change the way businesses and brands make use of technology for their marketing campaigns.

Our clients, who majorly consist of restaurant owners, retailers and salon owners, can now rest easy with the knowledge that Universal Processing is spreading the word about their products and services over the internet, across mobile phone users, and through display advertising, as well as other relevant media.

What drives our passion is the fact that digital marketing campaigns is now about the most efficient and prevalent way to deliver services and products to a wider audience as the larger proportion of  prospective customers utilize digital services for purchasing purposes rather than going to physical shops.

As the payment processor for a lot of physical stores, we will help clients to attract new customers, retainold ones, while processing more transactions. And the beautiful thing about our arrangement is that we make money only when clients do.

How Universal Processing Saves the Day

Our services and processes are easy. For those seeking a simple solution, we will build a responsive and modern informative website or mobile site for merchants at an extremely low charge.

For more complex digital marketing needs including but not restricted to website, social media, SEO, video, influencer marketing, content automation, as well as data-driven market, we partner with ConsulPay, using an innovative business model.

With this model, merchants have no need to hire a professional marketing agency to market their products and services. Rather, we will take a share of the merchant’s processing fee in exchange for handling marketing tasks. And because we are already their payment processor, we know the business inside out and can thus help to grow such businesses. As merchants don’t need to pay extra fees, this is a win-win solution for both of us because only if they grow their business and process more money, can we make more money ourselves.

A Win-Win Situation

At Universal Processing, we give you a great opportunity to use previously wasted credit card fees to get access to first-rate marketing services, and at no extra cost to you.

Are you aware that you currently pay a 3 percent credit card processing fee for every transaction you make, and that while 2 percent of this is taken by the major credit card companies, the remaining 1 percent, whichis a part of your hard-earned revenue, is paid to your credit card processor? Because it can add up to thousands of dollars after a while,Universal Processing gives you the opportunity to get access to that 1 percent. We will invest this 1 per cent in marketing services to grow your business.

It’s easy, really. Every time you swipe your card, you pay credit card fees to Universal Processing and ConsulPay. These fees are then deposited in a marketing fund which is then used for digital services of your choice in order to grow your business and drive up sales.

It’s really a win win situation. What are you waiting for?

Give us a call and let’s talk further.

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