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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

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Credit Card Processing

At Universal Processing, we understand that running a cash only business makes a business miss out on big time sales, and that accepting credit cards is one of the best decisions a business can make.

This is why credit card processing is our core business.

We enable store owners to set up credit card terminals in their stores so they can take credit card payment from customers instead of cash only and enjoy the increased business that comes with card acceptance.

There are many different ways that stores can accept credit cards, and our credit card processing services are designed with your business’ distinctive needs in mind. We will provide you with tailored options and allow you to select the types of services that are best suited for the kind of products and services you offer.

You may choose to accept payment online or with credit card machines, tablet POS systems and/or mobile phones. We offer credit card processing solutions for low-volume and high-volume businesses, as well as different pricing options based on sales volume.

We offer dedicated solutions for all types of businesses and stores; from restaurants and retailers to service providers, salons, health and fitness outfits, and organizations e.t.c.

With Universal Processing solutions, you can accept payments anywhere and truly enhance ease of use and cost efficiency. We also accommodate existing systems with ease.

Universal Processing is helping its clients push the borders of what’s achievable in financial services, delivering innovative solutions and deep expertise to help businesses, financial institutions and consumers move and handle money faster and with greater ease.

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