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Because we know that two good heads are better than one, we welcome individuals and/or businesses to partner with us in our Affiliate or Partnership Program. Our partnership program is ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to create additional revenue streams. It is also ideal for businesses who aim to make their customers happier.
We provide lucrative revenue sharing and bonus to strategic partners. You bring the client; we’ll serve the client. And you make additional income for yourself.

Here is how it works

You can partner with us in either of two ways

Affiliate partner: An affiliate partner signs up clients on our behalf and then submits the paper work to us. Once deal is approved, the affiliate receives sales commission. The benefit to becoming an affiliate partner is a free and comprehensive training, and bonus and residual incomes.

Referral partner: A referral partner refers a client by bringing potential information to Universal Processing. Our sales representative then contacts the potential clients, and if a deal is signed, the referral partner gets a one-time $100 referral bonus.

The process

The process to becoming a partner is very easy.

If you see a need that we can fill, drop our name, sign the deal or refer the client to us, and earn bonus and residual income.
It’s a win win situation.
Welcome on board.

We love our partners

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